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I started writing in 1980. Writing has been a way of reflecting on my work and sharing my experience as honestly as I can with others. I have published over 100 articles and 5 books. I edited and contributed to my first book in 1981, later published in China, giving the best I knew at that time about helping people change, learn and do. My books, and articles, are sources of processes and resources you can use.

For a comprehensive list, including reviews and comments on the books and my reviews of some other important books, please visit Writings Appendices.

My writing is about two themes:

Organisations: how they can thrive, transform and learn – in all sectors, for profit, public and voluntary etc (in the wider sense too, global, national, communities and families).

Global Issues: how we can make the world a better place for everyone – not just a small minority of rich and privileged people. How can we live sustainably and put human needs and dignity first? Seeing both organisations and the world as living systems, how can we tackle the big issues facing humanity? What can any one and all of us do? Most of the articles on this theme are the more recent ones and especially those in New Writings.

Amongst the questions I write about are:
  • How can businesses and people thrive in times of rapid change, complexity and unpredictability?
  • How can people at all levels collaborate successfully in bringing about change that works?
  • How can we best help people learn, develop and take responsibility?
  • Why do so many well-intended attempts to bring about beneficial changes fail?
  • Why do good people in organisations become cynical, give up hope and want to get out?
  • Why do organisations frequently change hands, get bigger but not better?
  • Why are many people alienated?
  • Why do many people feel they live unbearably stressed lives and that their work conflicts with their values?
  • Why do we swing from one fashionable solution to another?
  • Why do we solve one problem only to create another?
  • Why, in some of the richest countries in the world, are public services under such stress, despite all the money invested in them?
  • Why, with all our exciting innovations and economic growth, do many believe the quality of life not improving, even in the richest countries?
  • Why, after 50 years of progress since WW2, are a few people very rich and powerful, while the mass of people are struggling to survive, many dying very young?
  • Why is poverty increasing?
  • Why are our lives under threat from terrorism, war and civil war?
  • What can any of us do?

In my writings, I try to find answers to these questions.

Central to my writings are some key ideas and beliefs. Learn more about my Mission by clicking on Purpose, Values, and Beliefs. Please also visit our Links section for some people whose work is exceptionally relevant in our time and other useful connections.

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