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Please first consider ordering from your local book shop. Local book shops are an important part of our high street communities. However if you decide to use the internet, click on the book images below.

My books are intended to provide you with both inspiration and practical resources. For full descriptions of these books, click to read & download more information on Living System, Making a Difference or Global Forces.

All these books provide resources for business school students. LIVING SYSTEM provides a whole system view of global society and may be useful for undergraduate and graduate studies in Biodiversity, Democracy, Development, Economics, Energy and the Environment, Environmental Studies, Geography, History of Politics and Economics, International Studies, the Process of Change, Social Justice and Sustainable Development. Both may also be useful to A level or International Baccalaureate studies in Geography, Citizenship or Life Skills, Ethics and RE values and beliefs, and could provide case study material.

LIVING SYSTEM: Making Sense of Sustainability

Living System by Bruce NixonExciting, thought provoking, dynamic, irritating, inspiring, passionate and occasionally enraged, Bruce Nixon forces us to re-evaluate our lives. His philosophy, that of core sustainability, just might hold the key to greater happiness for us all.
Kevin McCloud, journalist, television presenter and WWF ambassador.

An excellent read – personal, immediate and accessible based on much of the author’s own multi-faceted life experience. The book is universal in its scope and aimed at each of us, our personal choices and their application in every day life.  We are all hopefully essential, integral and integrated components of “living systems”.  The book is about living within Gaia’s constraints and always remembering that an ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory!
Diana Schumacher, Environmentalist.

This is both a very wise and a very human book. Its greatest strength is that it weaves together the radical changes needed at the global level with the changes each of us can make today in our own lives and shows how both are part of the same living system. It is passionately pro enterprise and passionately against the abuse of corporate power. It truly shows how we can move towards an “economics that works for people and the planet”. I endorse it in the strongest possible terms.
Stewart Wallis, Executive Director, nef (the new economics foundation)

The contest between forces of life and forces of anti-life is the epic struggle of our times. The rule of abstract notions of economic growth and globalisation is destroying life on earth. In "Living System" Bruce Nixon takes us back to the basics of the processes that threaten life and processes that maintain and nurture life.
Dr. Vandana Shiva, Leading Environmentalist and Director of the Navdanya Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, India (

This is not just another explanation of the problems of the world. Its ambition is to make links, provide context and, above all, promote thought and a response. If you want to be an active citizen, give it a try; it might just change the way you think about the world.
Benedict Southworth, Director WDM, campaigning for justice for the world's poor.

About Making a Difference:

Making a Difference by Bruce Nixon"This inspiring and practical book deserves to be read widely by leaders at every level, especially those at the top.  It is full of wisdom and common sense about how to lead strategic change, so essential in this era of rapid transformation and global competition."
Chris Green, Former CEO Virgin Trains

"Making a Difference was a breath of fresh air, as it outlined in a straightforward way how one can transform an organization."
Dr Keith Panton, C.D., Ph.D, former President and CEO of Alcan Jamaica.

"Bruce has a profound understanding of the human struggle to stay focused, connected and productive in an environment that is changing so fast. Bruce offers a perspective for thinking about and managing complex systems that is values-based, practical and speaks to the human spirit."
Sandra Janoff, Consultant and Author, Co-Director of Searchnet, Philadelphia.

"Making a Difference has the power to do just that. This practical book is designed to facilitate change and transform a wide range of people in organisations. Human resource development practitioners will find a wealth of ideas and approaches to inform their professional practice. For development professionals, Making a Difference is a must-read"
Roy Horn, People Management, UK.

Global Forces by Bruce Nixon
About Global Forces

"Brilliant - I can't remember the last time that I found a business book to be such a riveting read."
Lin Arigho, MD of Aricot Vert Design, Fleet, Hampshire and winner of Best Boss Award, year 2000.

"This is a book that can teach us to think more broadly about the systems that inform our decisions, affect our lives and increasingly determine our future. Bruce Nixon reminds us that we, whoever we are, play an important role in shaping these systems, for better or worse. It is, above all, a guide to playing our part in creating a fairer and more sustainable global system."
Barry Coates, former Director World Development Movement, London; now Director, Oxfam, New Zealand.

"He does a splendid job in bringing out the seriousness of the issues in an understandable way, maintaining an optimistic tone that things that can be done about them, and giving an empowering message that we can all contribute."
Professor John G. Burgoyne, Council for Excellence in Management and Leadership, London.



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