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     mission: purpose, values, and beliefs


My purpose is to help bring about a sustainable, fair and non-violent world in which everyone has the opportunity for a healthy and fulfilling life.  It is also to help organisations and people thrive, and see the challenges of the 21st Century as opportunities.

My mission is two-fold:

  1. To help “ordinary people” realise and fulfil their power to bring about fundamental change and create a better world.
  2. To help leaders in organisations meet the challenges of the 21st Century by creating better, more successful workplaces that contribute to building a fair and sustainable world.
My values include: not taking more than one needs or more than a fair share; not compromising the needs of future generations; cherishing the earth and all life; valuing difference and respect for diversity - in nature and in human races, cultures, traditions and religions; truth - both seeking truth with an open mind and being truthful; non-violence in thought, word and deed; involving all stakeholders in co-creating change; seeing the best in people; enabling people to find their own way and fulfil their highest purpose.

creating better workplaces for the 21st century

Mission: I help leaders meet the challenges of 21st Century business by creating better and more successful workplaces that contribute to a fair and sustainable world.

Leading today is immensely challenging, given the intensity of global competition, the power and unpredictability of financial markets and the growing importance of corporate responsibility and sustainability in the broadest sense.

The horror of 9/11 and its consequences, including war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the subsequent bombings in Madrid and London, demonstrated how unpredictable and interconnected our world is.

No nation is safe, however powerful. Events are highly unpredictable. The course of the Arab Spring showed that if all parties do not work together to create win: win solutions, initially peaceful movements may turn to terrible violence. This has been further demonstrated by the horrific destruction, deaths and injuries in Syria leading to mass migration into Europe often with tragic consequences for men, women and children, people just like us, on their journeys. Global issues affect everyone.

Long-term success will come to corporate citizens, creating a sustainable and fairer global society. But it is a balancing act, requiring many different qualities - vision, flair, astuteness, pragmatism and the capacity to find wise ways through complex issues.

The essence of emerging thinking about organisations is that they are not machines but complex, open systems, apparently disorderly but emergent, like nature. We are not in control. Chaos is part of change, to be embraced rather than feared. The leader’s role is a more humble one of facilitating and enabling transformation and learning, focusing on values and purpose and creating a culture that releases spirit and energy. In an uncertain world, supportive relationships and connections become even more important. Respect for diversity is vital.

I believe people are the experts on their organisations. Together, they can create the best solutions. Everyone is a potential leader and can make a difference. With good leadership and support, they can make their organisations work better for all involved and contribute to making the World a better place for everyone. I believe organisations will succeed best, by treating employees and suppliers as well as they want to treat customers.

We need to see the big picture, understand global issues and see them as opportunities. We need to embody what we are learning about organisations as living systems and see people as whole beings with heart, spirit, body and mind. This means creating an empowering culture; developing leaders at every level; valuing and appreciating people’s uniquely different gifts; welcoming conflicting, different views as essential to understanding complex situations; embracing change; bringing it about in an inclusive way that involves all stakeholders; learning from each other with humility; being both humble and inspiring; increasing what works rather than focusing on dysfunction; and seeing difficulties as gifts.

Breadfruit TreeI value partnership and collaboration; giving customers excellence; the diversity that women and men, and people of different races and traditions, can bring in working and learning together; being authentic and truthful; integrity; celebrating; appreciating and challenging each other; being open to learning; sharing our expertise; leading more balanced and sustainable lives; respecting Nature; working for a sustainable, fairer, and non-violent world.

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