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I am a member of the Climate Change Speaker Network I give talks for 16 to 18 year olds in schools and sixth form colleges and for communities.

I use empowering processes that enable everyone to get involved, contribute and decide what action they want to take, individually or as groups.

I offer bespoke talks and workshops for conferences and professional organisations, and at universities, FE colleges and business schools.  These events are for people who want to play their part in avoiding environmental disaster, improve their lives, workplaces, businesses and communities and need an engaging and challenging speaker with wide experience, including working in a developing country.

The subject matter is:

  • The environmental and economic crises
  • What needs to be done to create a sustainable, fairer and non-violent world
  • What gets in the way of progress including government, the political system, the media and our believing there is little we can do
  • How we can bring about the radical transformation that is needed

Themes include: creating a culture that liberates the human spirit, energy and innovation; developing transformative leadership; co-creating change; supporting each other in bringing about change

I also help people design events or conferences to make them fully participative and effective. Contact me for more information.

Here are two recent examples:

Contact me for further information.



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